The Future of Cloud Sync — MacSparky

The Future of Cloud Sync — MacSparky.


Dragon Dictate


Dictate finally arriving so will try it out and write a report….. Exciting!!

“PIV” reunion 2013

reunion of all the rockers who used to frequent the pavilion in ayr on the rocking saturday to the gigs the venue used to have we all get together to remember those good old days


Cant wait for Saturday night at Harleys, its going to be fun catching up with al the old Piv’ People.Pavilion

The Piv was a great 70’s and 80’s music club in Ayr and it ran from many a venue eventually settling for a long period at the Pavilion, a big summer events building at Ayr shore, thus the Piv’

Out of interest we called it the Piv but it was actually Powerhouse, and Tom Jones the DJ, played out of The Station Hotel, the Horizon as well as the Piv.


Travelling to London next week and its an amazing city despite the grit, the grime and the fact I used to spend a lot of time there travelling the underground. Even in the city centres you can find good pubs and places of interest. I am hoping to get a chance to see some of the exhibitions but who knows

Its Too Late to Stop Now

Just listened to Van Morrisons seminal live album from 1973, how good is this!!!!wpid-itstoolatetostopnow-2013-08-22-06-41.jpg

The Music Of ‘Inception’ Exposed : All Songs Considered : NPR

The Music Of ‘Inception’ Exposed : All Songs Considered : NPR.

Really interesting article about Hans Zimmer’s score for the film Inception, I didn’t know but I now have the soundtrack and sure enough……. so now I have downloaded some albums of Edith Piaf too…..

90 Minutes Of Music For £2 On A Pub Jukebox – Sabotage Times

90 Minutes Of Music For £2 On A Pub Jukebox – Sabotage Times.