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The Future of Cloud Sync — MacSparky

The Future of Cloud Sync — MacSparky.


Dragon Dictate


Dictate finally arriving so will try it out and write a report….. Exciting!!

Busycal Supercharging iCal and helping Productivity

I love Busycal and I say Boo Hoo to all the nay sayers who begrudge spending a bit of cash on a souped up calendar app. If you don’t need this you don’t have a hectic life.

Whats great about it? Well it syncs with absolute ease to your Google Calendars and syncs at speed with iCloud. What else do you want? It has san intuitive and handsome interface which just makes reading and absorbing your busy schedule so much easier than iCals bizarre mock desktop attempt

It has all I need on screen from clear scheduled meetings, trips and tasks (synced from the glorious all conquering Omnifocus)

I will be covering Busycal as part of my in depth look at Productivity coming soon.

Asian Efficiency – Time Management and Productivity

Asian Efficiency – Time Management and Productivity.

The amazing AE guys are worth reading