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Dragon Dictate


Dictate finally arriving so will try it out and write a report….. Exciting!!


Mind Mapping – the written word


I am currently running the trial version of Scapple from the guys at Literature & Latte who also brought us the excellent writing tool Scrivener.

This is a hybrid mix of mind mapping tool and free form note pad and you should give it a go to test if it works for you. Its available at the Apple Store for £10.49

For me the whole process of mind mapping is good and I enjoy the free thinking that it creates. I don’t really get hung up with structure or presentation in the early states of a map as I focus purely on the contact and getting what I want to get down.

Scapple takes that idea and gives an air of free form expression that I guess standard mind mapping may lose.

I do like the concept and it has many of the features of a £10 mind map but I have found it hard to operate without some recognisable boundaries and lost my train of thought a few times. I also struggle a little with the end result, I like a lot of order but just can’t seem to get it with this app.

However today was a bit of a breakthrough: I wanted to got some ideas around a major move I wanted to do and broke the workspace into 4 areas: Options; Planning; Questions and RAG status. It really worked and I felt in control.

So after a week I think I may have actually cracked the code and have a sense it may be one of those apps you go to when you feel the need to jot ideas down and link them. The fact that it exports rot Scrivener is a real bonus and I am going to test that out next so will do an update later in the week.

Strummerville 27 May 2013 17:49

Omnigroup Syncs up

Sync from the OmniGroup

The fantastic www.OmniGroup.com have now provided us with a Dropbox like sync server. I already use the OmniSync Server for syncing my Omnifocus and OmniPlan work but this little beauty is free and sits unobtrusively on your bar waiting to catch the files you throw into it. I have an alias set up on the desktop to save me jumping into finder and it syncs fast and its free.

Here is the link to OmniPresence

Strummerville 27 May 2013 10:59

Asian Efficiency Does It Again!

Omnifocus Hot Folder
You just gotta love what these guys at Asian Efficiency do and share with the world.

This is a really simple trick to get files into Omnifocus using a hot folder.

I sit this folder on my desktop and drop in files that I need to work on and it automatically populated the Omnifocus inbox with a task

Amazingly simple but effective and get the lowdown here

Strummerville 26 May 2013 08:08