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“PIV” reunion 2013

reunion of all the rockers who used to frequent the pavilion in ayr on the rocking saturday to the gigs the venue used to have we all get together to remember those good old days


Cant wait for Saturday night at Harleys, its going to be fun catching up with al the old Piv’ People.Pavilion

The Piv was a great 70’s and 80’s music club in Ayr and it ran from many a venue eventually settling for a long period at the Pavilion, a big summer events building at Ayr shore, thus the Piv’

Out of interest we called it the Piv but it was actually Powerhouse, and Tom Jones the DJ, played out of The Station Hotel, the Horizon as well as the Piv.


Its Too Late to Stop Now

Just listened to Van Morrisons seminal live album from 1973, how good is this!!!!wpid-itstoolatetostopnow-2013-08-22-06-41.jpg

Thao & Mirah

Just listening to a fantastic album by Thao & Mirah

Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn (born September 17, 1974, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), is an American musician based in San Francisco California. She has released five albums under the K Records label. She is close friends with and has collaborated with Phil Elvrum of The Microphones. She has worked with the Black Cat Orchestra.
Mirah was born the youngest of three children. Most of her childhood was spent in Bala Cynwyd Pennsylvania. She started writing music from a very young age, with her first song at four years old. When she was twelve, Mirah appeared on Double Dare, a television game show. “I actually used the money that I won on Double Dare to pay for the time I spent on the Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament.” She began singing and performing at 18 when she moved to Olympia, Washington and attended Evergreen State College.

Mirah released her first album, Storageland on Yoyo Recordings in 1997, and joined K records in 1999.